Al Awael

Comatec adopt innovative technologies and integrated solutions and carries out smart building projects and mobile networks.

SINCE 2006
Comatec Saudi Arabia Ltd.

A modern contractor that keeps an open eye on innovative technologies.

Comatec started as a telecom contractor for GSM (The Global System for Mobile Communications) operators and as an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Over the years, the company has widened the range of its services in the telecom sector. It then expanded to the construction sector, specializing in the execution, management, and operation and maintenance of modern and smart buildings.
The company’s references include projects in construction along with the telecom fields. This diversity enabled the company to provide optimal services for modern and smart building constructions and to proficiently adopt innovative technologies to carry out turnkey smart building projects that reach international standards.

World-Class Contracting Services

Scope of Work
Telecommunication and smart buildings
The telecommunication unit specializes in the implementation and services management of telecommunication networks (mobile networks), demonstrating the adoption of best work practices proven to achieve high-performance levels in telecom projects.
Telecommunication unit services include:

Delivering Extraordinary Services

We deliver extraordinary services and execute large
capital-intensive projects to world-class clients.