Al Awael

Where ambitious minds can excell, diversity is celebrated, new innovations come to reality, inclusion, respect, and ethics are binding.

Strive to Succeed

Chairman Message

We strive to uphold the core values of Respect, Agility, Team-Work, and Compliance all within an environment that facilitates each colleague’s willingness to succeed, in an ethical manner, and where safety is always top of mind.
These values must flow through to all operating companies in a manner that binds us all with a common purpose; which is reflected as such to our customers, and the outside world.

Abdulrahman Rasheed Alrashed

Create Long-Term Value

Ceo Message

Our overriding objective is to create long-term shareholder value and facilitate the development of all the operating companies in their respective sectors.
Our strategy of “Rowing in Sync” ensures we limit and eliminate any duplication of effort while exploiting every intra-group and inter-group strengths and capabilities.

Tony Vicente



Accountable, Well-Managed, and Value-Focused

Our board members have designed the framework where the core values we hold at the heart of our group is materialized, reinforcing ethical behavior, and delivering value to all involved stakeholders.
The group compliance culture is imperative to our viability, backed up with a set of anti-corruption compliance guidelines that prevent any deviation from the way in which we are bound to operate.
Our policies and processes consider the whole dimensions of our group and holds every member of the holding company and its subsidiaries accountable to fully comply with these policies.

Group Policy


Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results, all in compliance with the group ethical values and targetted objectives, while taking the ownership to deliver extraordinary service to our clients.


Expecting the highest level of commitment to exert all efforts, perform with utmost effectiveness, and operate in a manner that contributes to the success and growth of our clients, our business, our people, and our nation.


Operating with perfect coherence within the group, the subsidiary companies, its workforce, and interdependent functions is the cornerstone of our excellence and effectiveness in delivering maximum value to our clients.


Binding every member in the holding group and its subsiadiries to uphold our core values in all their business communications and actions and to report misconduct demonstrating integrity and fairness in all our operations.


Obligated to the principles of equality, respect, justice, and impartiality; making decisions based on none other than the consideration of what is fair and righteous in all matters in regards to all business operations.

Quality Management

Meeting international quality standards through the deployment of a total quality management approach focused on prusuing continuous improvement of our clients staisfaction and adapting global best practices.


Rowing in Sync

Maximizing synergies by utilizing inter-group skills and assets to achieve maximum growth for the group.
“Rowing in Sync” is a systematic approach for the management of the group’s capital, subsidiary companies’ resources, and the latest industry practices to resolve any complexities in the inter-dependent functions, reach higher levels of efficiency, and deliver strategic project goals with maximum return on investment, sustained functionality, and growth potential.

Social Responsibility

Committed To the Betterment Of the World We Live In
Our contribution to the community of which we work within has been one of the group’s higher goals, developing an environment in which equity is cherished and opportunities are created to each member we come across.
We take pride in integrating our environmental, ethical, philanthropic, and economic responsibility in the core of our operatations; pursuing every initiative, complying with all the undertakings of the government, and uniting all efforts to shape the aspired reality we desire for our nation.
Imitating from a great entity “Al Rashed conglomerate”; the ownership to contibrute to our society was instilled in the group core values, bound by the legacy we have built playing a key role in the flourishment of the Saudi Arabian economy and carrying out initiatives that answer to our nations needs.