Al Awael

Onshore and offshore fabrication services that meet international quality standards and fulfill the demands and the requirements of the industry

SINCE 1989

Exact Fabrication Services

Providing top quality, prompt services (24/7), with hi-tech standards.

Exact Fabrication Services is a well-known heavy engineering company committed to providing quality services and products that meet the specifications and requirements of the oil and gas industry, and the general engineering sector.

The company owns a fully equipped machining, welding, and fabrication workshops that meet the demands of onshore and offshore industry requirements in full compliance with ISO 9001 and API Spec. Q1 quality management systems.

Working with a highly skilled and well-trained multi-national workforce who have proven competent to deliver each project with the highest quality, and provide prompt 24/7 services with hi-tech standards.

World-Class Contracting Services

Scope of Work

Welding Services

Welding services (SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, etc.) done by a group of internationally certified welders using automatic welding machines.

Casing and Tubing

Casing/Tubing perforation services with specially designed automatic pipe perforation machine that can make client-specific patterns.


Inspection services to ensure meeting the stringent quality assurance standards which are synonymous with the oil and gas industry (MT, PT, UT, VT, RT hardness testing, hydro-testing up to 30,000 psi, MRP thread inspection and API thread, and dimensional inspection).

Hollow Spindle

Hollow spindle CNC machines up to 20-inch bore and 12 meter bed length. Band saws cutting up to 1.3 meters.

Delivering Extraordinary Services

We deliver extraordinary services and execute large
capital-intensive projects to world-class clients.