Al Awael

We formulate business operations that diligently deliver long-term value and establish a future of scalable profits and capabilities.

Rowing in Sync
There was never a limit to our aspirations for success; a continuous pursuit of excellence.
“Rowing in Sync” is a concept that has been developed over years of business experience. It strongly proved that it is the main factor for reaching the culmination of business success.
“Rowing in Sync” is a systematic approach for the management of the group’s capital, subsidiary companies’ resources, and the latest industry practices to resolve any complexities in the interdependent functions, reach higher levels of efficiency, and deliver strategic project goals with maximum return on investment, sustained functionality and growth potential.
We embrace the “Rowing in Sync” concept in order to meet our client’s needs, know the project’s requirements and discover our people’s potential. It’s the path to creating a thriving future for our people.


KSA 2030 Vision

Our group is part of a much bigger entity called “Al Rashed Conglomerate”, which has built a legacy of major tangible contributions to the flourishment of the Saudi Arabian economy, playing a key role in the present state of our great nation.
With our close collaboration with multiple Saudi Arabian governmental entities, we stand firmly behind the KSA 2030 vision. We share a common purpose that validates our aspirations to become a leading nation, impacting the future of the coming generations.

International Standards

We have built an excellent reputation for delivering world-class contracting services.

Setting high standards was the main drive for our regional expansion. We aim to continue serving our vision to be the partner of choice for large capital-intensive projects in the Saudi Arabian market.
Our pride arises from our solid portfolio that holds our prestigious clients, a proven reflection of our group’s capabilities.
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Strategic Priorities

Work with Purpose

The goal-oriented nature of the group culture keeps our operations and workforce focused on the target at hand, which is, meeting the client’s objectives, reaching optimal performance, and unleashing the potential of our people.

Deliver with Excellence

Excelling in what we do is our utmost priority. We take proactive measures to ensure we achieve extraordinary results. We plan and monitor the project’s delivery progress KPIs, meeting strategic objectives and leaving nothing to chance.

Evolve Forward-Thinking

Creating a work environment that encourages innovation and aims to enable current and future generations to thrive, live in a world of diversity and inclusion, prioritize sustainability, and walk the path towards a net-zero ambition.

Honor All Commitments

Holding ourselves accountable for everything we pledge to deliver is among the key values that is deeply instilled in the group’s policies and operations and is passed down from top management to the last member of our workforce.

Accelerate Growth

Unleashing the potential of our people, expanding our skills and capabilities, and forming strategic partnerships are the factors that destine us to deliver long-term value and establish a future of scalable profits and capabilities.

Embrace Opportunities

Keeping an eye on every opportunity for development and growth, adopting new approaches to tackle our strategic objectives, world-class technologies, and creating new business ventures of high return potential.

Our Capabilities

Awael Group holds a strong balance sheet and has successfully integrated functions across six fully established independent companies, which gives the group a competitive advantage and the ability to carry out large capital-intensive projects with excellence.

Business Fields

Awael is a holding company with a mission to facilitate the development of niche contracting services in oil and gas, water, marine, pipeline, specialty maintenance, precision fabrication, telecoms and civil construction.